Where’s Tannika now?

I’m currently home in France.

Stay tuned for our future adventures!

7 thoughts on “Where’s Tannika now?

  1. Loving your journey. I never thought of going to Bolivia, but you make it sound so wonderful! I really enjoy following your wanderings! love, Aunt Pat


  2. hey, see you finally left South America -i’ll bet it was hard to leave, except the weather looked like it was not great. Ive been wanting to do the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela but haven’t managed to get any takers. I’d like to do the whole 1000 miles, but thought I’d start in France at the base of the pyrenees (St Jean Pied de Port) and cross into Spain and walk on to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, then ride the bus to somewhere near Lugo (Sarria) and walk the final 100km in time for the feast of st james. Then there is an additional 40 miles or so from there to Finisterre (Land’s End) which is the end of the more ancient pagan pilgrimage path. To late for both the running of the bulls and the feast of saint James this year but still would be fun, and since it has become a fairly popular excursion in the last decade or so might be less crowded and not so hot later in the year. I just think that the feeling of walking a path that people have followed for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years would be interesting. There are a lot of good long walks in Britain too, and I’d like to get over there one of these days. Probably will be a lot easier than the Andes.


    • Hi Kim, your trekking plan sounds awesome! I’m pondering doing the pilgramage too and also from southern France, maybe this October. I’ll keep you posted in case you want to join me : )


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