Costa Rica: Living la Pura Vida in Playa Grande (Jan 28 to Feb 5, 2015)

How did I spend 8 days with Steve in Playa Grande, Costa Rica? Walking the beach, watching pelicans and terns soar over the waves, searching for shells, exploring tidepools, playing in the surf, searching for tracks of nesting leatherback turtles, drinking fruity cocktails and local beer, eating delicious food, including lots of local seafood, meeting Steve’s wonderful friends who are both locals and expats, taking siestas in the heat of the day, enjoying fabulous sunsets….in short, embracing la pura vida. Which after all the packing and planning I did in the weeks before leaving the US, was exactly what I needed! Some of you know that sitting still is tough for me but here, it was easy, likely due to the company and the amazing location. Steve’s place is beautiful and very close to the beach. Check it out!

If you get the chance, visit Playa Grande and live la pura vida!












10 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Living la Pura Vida in Playa Grande (Jan 28 to Feb 5, 2015)

  1. The blog is wonderful, just like you. It`s amazing how much stuff you been able to pack . Great job. It`s going to be fun following you on you journey,and very exciting! Happy traveling!!!!!!!! Tons of that stuff,Dad


  2. Wow! You’re an inspiration with your writing and your way of living. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Thanks for sharing! Have a blast! Gone Surfing!


    • Hi Jaime, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your kind words. I can’t wait to see where this goes as well. And I’m enjoying your blog as well. Love your creativity!


    • Hi Christine, I didn’t have any pisco sours (not my drink of choice) but I did have lots of good wine! Thanks again for your recommendations for Santiago and Valparaiso!!


  3. Looks like a relaxing time. I have a friend who has a yoga/surf camp in CR called Pura Vida Adventures. Might have to put it on the list if you ever go back.


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