This Week in Africa…Kruger National Park, South Africa (April 2019)


As soon as we got the paperwork for our new bakkie, Mathieu and I said farewell to our crew in Joburg. It was a bit hard to leave after we’d called this intriguing city home for a month (see previous post) but it was time to move on. So, away we went to Kruger National Park. Let the safari begin!!

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The park was created in 1898 to control hunting and to protect the diminished number of animals in the region. Then in 1926, adjacent game reserves and farms were combined to create Kruger National Park[1].

We spent two days exploring the southern portion of this enormous 7,723-sq mi (19,485-sq km) park. We camped at Skukuza Rest Camp the first night and Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp the second. It was low season so we shared the road with just a few other private vehicles and safari trucks, and sometimes we had the road to ourselves for miles. I was skeptical of what we’d see on our self-driving tour from the road (you’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to get out of your vehicle) but we saw so much! Not only did we see the “Big 5” elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, lions, and a leopard, but we also saw hippos, zebras, giraffes, impala, wild dogs, crocodiles, warthogs, beautiful birds, interesting insects, and miles and miles of beautiful mountains, bush plains and tropical forests.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story of our fabulous visit. Enjoy!

And our African adventure continues…..stayed tuned!




12 thoughts on “This Week in Africa…Kruger National Park, South Africa (April 2019)

    • Merci Jenny! Yall must make a trip to Kruger. It’s an easy place to travel to and in and it’s a truly amazing to see so many magnificent animals! 😀


  1. you captured perfectly what it is like in the African Wild Life Reserves. Still photos don”t do the trick! Our favorite trip ever!


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