Mexico – Part 1 of 9: Baja (Dec 5 to 29, 2016)

Punta Cabras where we welcomed ourselves to Baja.

After 3 months with Mathieu in France and Iceland (see previous post), I returned to California at the end of August to spend time with my family and friends. I was overjoyed to see my loved-ones who I’d missed so much during the year and a half I’d been gone. I spent about 2 months visiting people and relaxing at my parent’s house in Pacifica (near San Francisco) before Mathieu arrived from Paris. Yeah! For about a month, I toured him around parts of northern and southern California to visit my peeps, then it was time for the next adventure. We loaded our clothes and camping gear (for both warm and cold weather), a frisbee (thanks Samantha!), a kite, my mountain bike, his GoPro, drone, kite board and mountain bike (all the way from Paris) in my 1998 Toyota 4Runner and crossed the border from San Diego, California, into Baja, Mexico. Road trip!!

So how did we spend our 25-day road trip through Baja California? Exploring small towns, historic missions, and a few large cities, eating delicious food, camping and hiking in the deserts and mountains, camping and taking walks on long stretches of wild beaches, and whale watching of course!

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